Fun with Art and Bytes (FAB)


Fun with Art and Bytes (FAB) is a series of pilot workshops by artist collective Spang & Lei. With the aim of introducing digital, interactive art to primary and secondary school students, FAB teaches the application of coding skills in creative expression.

As a dynamic institution with a niche in Design Education, Pingyi Secondary School (PYSS) was the first school to engage their students in this programme. Under the tutelage of Spang & Lei, seven Pingyi Secondary 2 students who elected to participate in FAB learnt about coding and aesthetics. Through the course, they produced three artworks that not only showcased their newly ­learnt coding skills but also expressed personal and social issues that they wanted to share with a wider audience.

Haze Haiz

by Li Guotai & Zhang XiuYu

With the recent environmental concern of Singapore’s rise in haze levels, this artworks calls attention to the different causes of haze.

Combining simple electronics, physical buttons and on-screen interface, Haze Haiz highlights the attributing factors and consequences of haze pollution through a playful game. Visitors can attempt to lower in-game PSI levels when they successfully “capture” air pollutants.

An artwork with a strong local commentary on our pressing environmental issues concerning the youth.

Lumi Frost

by Amirah Irwani & Tang Zuqing

Two youths, one having experienced snow, while the other yearns for that experience. Lumi Frost stared with a simple notion; “experiencing” snow in sunny Singapore. Participants are encouraged to use webcams to control the stimulation and movement of snow projected on screen.

Lumi Frost is a artwork inspired by the student-artists’ youthful desire to control ‘their’ weather.


by Nazihah Bte Ahmed Khaja N. , Putriy Siti Rahmah & Tasya Nathanael

Inspired by Picasso’s cubism, and the simplicity of basic shapes, Pixelations sets off the process of distorting the visitor’s face after the individual looks into a camera. The visitor can simultaneously change the artwork through their voice, thus witnessing how shapes, colours, and vocal interactions can affect the final artwork.

Primary colours, basic shapes, and your voice!