Sunday Showcase
Betwixt: Art & Bytes

26 Feb – 28 Feb 2016
Friday – Sunday
10am – 7pm

ArtScience Museum

*Free Admission

An art exhibition which will feature a work by Austrian artist LIA, who is considered one of the pioneers of software and net art; 6 works from an Open Call which attracted over 170 submissions from different parts of the world; 3 works from students from Ping Yi Secondary School which participated in a pilot workshop programme supported by NAC, Fun with Art & Bytes, and film screenings of Lillian Schwartz, her life and her works. There will be guided tour for the exhibition.

Featured International Artist – LIA


Austrian artist LIA is considered one of the pioneers of software and net art and has been producing works since 1995. Her practice spans across video, performance, software, installations, sculpture, projections and digital applications. The artist’s primary working material is code, which consists of LIA translating a concept into a formal written structure that then can be used to create a “machine” that generates real-time multimedia outputs. Since her concept is fluid – opposed to the formality of the written code that requires engineered precision – the translation process between machine and artist can be viewed like a conversation. The process is repeated until LIA is satisfied with the machine’s interpretation; at which point the generative framework, in which the artwork can develop, is considered finished.

LIA’s works combine traditions of drawing and painting with the aesthetics of digital images and algorithms, characterised by a minimalist quality and by an affinity with conceptual art. She focuses on the translation of certain experienced principles into abstract forms, movements and colours in order to allow the viewer to explore the same on a subconscious level.

LIA has exhibited internationally including Poetic Codings, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, 2014; If this is the answer, what is the question?, MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art Vienna, 2014; Decode: Digital Design Sensations – Victoria & Albert Museum in collaboration with onedotzero, London 2009; Design Museum Holon, Israel, 2012, Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture, Moscow, 2011; X Freundschaftsfragen, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, 2011; Mind and Matter, Kuenstlerhaus Vienna, Vienna, 2010; Another Tomorrow: Young video art from the collection of the Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Slought Foundation, Philadelphia, 2008; Ars Electronica Exhibition; Florence Biennale, Florence, 2007. The artist has also received various awards, including Digital Graffiti Curator’s Choice Award, 2014; Prix Ars Electronica, Honourable Mention, 2007; Diagonale Film Festival, Innovative Cinema, First Prize, 2006; and Prix Ars Electronica, Net Excellence / Award of Distinction, 2003.

LIA lives and works in Vienna.

Singapore & Southeast Asia Artists



Sarah Mamat

The artist uses data collection in the common tool of a smartphone and an app called Moment that tracks the user’s movements as a material for contemporary digital self-portraiture.


Before I Met You

Tong Wei, Ying Ling and Yan Sheng

Find a soulmate by penning an intimate letter to yourself! Using an algorithm to compute the level of similarity in your letters, the artwork’s library will pair you up with a stranger who understands you most.



Christie Lee, Marcus Yuen, Soo Yeon Bae, Jacky Boen, Prada and Zac Ong

Homosonus is a frosted interactive wall installation that makes people ‘feel’ the explicable wordless space that always exists among people by means of sound.


Memory Repository

Benjamin Low and Mithru Vigneshwara

Take a peep into this artwork to see the collective impression of what it was like at various stages of growing up. Share your own memories by tweeting with a designated hashtag.



Boedi Widjaja

Metron is a metronomic clock that doesn’t tell time but suggests its passing; it measures the interstices of time and space.


The Conversation

Samantha Chua

This site-specific installation by our young artist features kinetic sculptures that activate in the presence of people passing through the space. Psst! Follow us on FB & Twitter to find out secret location.