ArtScience Late
Interstice: Imageries & Bodies

Video Conference: Co-Optive

25 Feb 2016, Thursday

ArtScience Museum

*Free Admission


By Urich Lau
Collaborators: Marcel Gaspar & Teow Yue Han

In response to the theme of “Interstice” and in the progression of the artist’s practice and investigation – the artist will work with live media, concepts of the perpetual imaging saturation in the digital realm, the copy & paste culture in the contemporary notions of appropriation, and the forgotten burden of how much data that we generate as we deemed as recording and information in our everyday life. From photos and videos, to texts and bits of information in our multimedia devices, the work aims to reveal the mundane obsessiveness in trying to know all, see all, do all.


25 Feb 2016, Thursday

ArtScience Museum

*Free Admission


Otto Krause and Milan Loviska with Alwyn Burger and Jason Nel

Concept, performance: Otto Krause and Milan Loviška / Territorium KV (AT)
Costumes: Otto Krause
Procedural mesh manipulation (3D video): Jason Nel / MIH Media Lab, Stellenbosch University (ZAF)
Sensory devices: Alwyn Burger / Embedded Systems, University of Duisburg-Essen (DE)

With the kind support from the Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria. Thanks to Embedded Systems, University of Duisburg-Essen (DE) and MIH Media Lab, Stellenbosch University (ZAF).

In this compelling “interactive choreography for two trampolines” that oscillates between the work of art as an object and that of an action, the living body becomes an extended operational system performing beyond the boundaries of its skin and beyond the local space that it inhabits. With the use of the trampolines as some nonsensical game controllers or better as full-body gamepads it mutates and transforms the exhaustive activity of jumping flesh into unexpected virtual representations and digital interactions, while still maintaining and producing sensory and physical qualities that are integral to the live performance in the physical realm.

Bouncing in repetitive motion the artists play here with constant shifts of focus in multiple dimensions and cross-expose physical and digital, performance and signification, in order to enquire into the new narratives that might unfold from these interstices for the physically present audience being enclosed in between and around.

The team of four has met before in the “Third Life Project” – a large-scale, ongoing collaboration initiated by the artists that implements artistic and scientific research into the topic of “third life” – exploring the potential of virtual actions to transgress directly into reality and perform extravirtual actions. The performance work for the Betwixt Festival 2016 interlocks and re-invents previous practices of the artists and some of the technology developed in the Third Life Project, while introducing procedural mesh manipulation and 3D modeling into the play.

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